Monthly Archives: August 2004

More on the Olympics

The Olympics are over for a bit less than two years. I have a few more comments and thoughts for everyone to ignore…, or read

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Ramblings of Olympic Proportions

I’ll admit I’m a bit of an Olympics junkie. Not too bad of an addiction since I can only get a fix every two years ± six months. Over the last week, particularly over the last day since I got my current work project and homework project done, I’ve been musing about various topics related to the Olympics and some about sports in general.

I’ll warn you that this is likely to be long and rambling — not that I haven’t been long and rambling before :-).

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Egoscan results

I’m back to being bored at work (the interruption mentioned before was brief). So I just did (I think I’m using the right term) and egoscan by putting my name “Ron Oakes” into goggle.

In addition to some expected results: Pictures from Smofcon, Christian-Fandom web page references, I got a few interesting ones.

Apparently I share most of a name with a Doctor from Missouri who was reaserching genealogy; and someone who called minor league hocky games in San Diego in 1976.

Depressingly, one of the first page links was about scientology. It matched my first name with the second name of the founder of that group, and my last name with someone else mentioned on the page.

The Herald Article

I’m sure by now that most, if not all, web connected fen have seen, or at least heard about the article published in The Herald, a British newspaper (I’ve heard Edinburgh, but I cannot confirm that from their web front page), about next years Wordcon in Glasgow. The article, which can be found on the web here, is getting about a 60/40 reaction in fandom (rec.arts.sf.fandom, gt e-mail list); that is 60% of the fen are offended and 40% are amused.

After my first read, I was in the 60%. I’m going to go through the article and see if I can explain my position, and if I can see that of the other side.
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