Monthly Archives: November 2004

My Amazon Meme

There seems to be a tradition on Live Journal when one or two of your friends do something interesting, its worth copying. So, following on the works of jrittenhouse, shsilver and ericcoleman here is my Amazon Meme

Post the first 15 personalized recommendations from your Amazon recommendations list (your “store”) for items you don’t already own:

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The Purpose of a Fannish Christian

This fall, the senior paster at my church, Rob Bugh of the Wheaton Bible Church, has been preaching a sermon series on The Purposes of the Church. I also just finished listening to an audio version of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. Both of these are based on the five purposes of the church, which I belive that Warren first enumerated in The Purpose Driven Church or an earlier work: Worship, Fellowship or Community, Evangelism, Service and Discipleship. Thinking over these ideas, I have come to some conclusions about the where SF Fandom can fit into the purposes of a Christian’s life.

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Self Driven Cars

In a posting on slashdot, the author references a study on self-driving cars, and ends with the question “will you accept to be driven by your car?”

For me the answer is a fairly clear “yes.” I don’t mind driving, but if I could replace the time I spend driving with time spent doing other things, such as napping, checking e-mail or reading (although I’ve managed to find a way to do that by using audio books), I think I’d be more productive. I’d also be less stressed out.

Unfortunately, I want to live in the suburbs. I do not like living with the urban crowds, noise, pollution, etc. I want some space between me and my neighbors and a yard to enjoy rather than a park to share. I also would feel more politically isolated in most big cities than I do in the suburban areas — even those that are technically part of the city. I also work in the suburbs, so there is no practical public transportation option for me.

So I guess I’ll just have to wait for all of the technical, sociological and political facets preventing automated, personally owned, point to point transport to become the reality.

Monday Night TV Promo err Football

Obviously, I didn’t catch the preview to Monday’s football game (I don’t watch football). However, I’ve heard some of the followup discussion, and have an opinion.

I don’t think that this incident is worthy of an FCC fine, since similar is broadcast all the time. However, if the NFL wishes to, and has it in their contract, they could and probably should fine ABC for this silly stunt.

jrittenhouse referenced an interesting “Survey,” which actually turned out to be a way to post — using free text — your responses to a number of one and two word questions. The resulting text does provide a good snapshot into the writer’s views and where the stand in the vast political n-space.

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