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UK/Worldcon Trip, day 1

Well, yesterday we – Tara, Derrick and I – left for the UK to go to Worldcon
and do the “tourist thing.” After what is essentially, for me, a really long
day, we are settled in for the evening at the Apex City Quay Hotel in Dundee
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Harry Potter and the Two iPods

Today, before leaving for our trip to the UK for Worldcon (etc.), I decided
that I wanted to keep listening to Harry Potter and the Half Blood
. In order to accomplish this, I needed to rip at least the second
half of the 17 CD audio book and load it onto my iPod. However, if I was
going to rip 9 of the disks, I figured I might as well rip all 17. Then Tara
asked that I load it onto her iPod as well.
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Something I just realized about myself

Recently, I’ve been playing a bit with Google Earth. I’ve used it to look over places I’ve lived, gone to school and worked. This afternoon while poking around San Diego I realized that for some reason, I explored more of the San Diego area in the 14 months I lived there, more of the Phoenix area in the 4 months I was there on a long business trip, and more of the Seattle area in the 6 weeks I was there on a business trip, then I have the Chicago area in the nearly 15 years I’ve lived here. The time spent in Seattle, Phoenix and San Diego were all interruptions in the time I’ve lived near Chicago — I first moved here in September 1989, spent time in 1995 in Seattle and Phoenix moved to San Diego in 1998, and back in 1999.
Speculation why