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Not Too Suprising

Another Meeme/Quiz result:

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Trip Report, final entry

This should be the last installment of my report on our trip this summer to the UK. I may follow up with some further observations later.
London Report

Trip Report, Glasgow and Interaction

Working on the cliché theory of “better late than never” here is the first of the final two installments of my trip report for our trip to the UK to attend Interaction and tour the country.

This report, and the final installment on the London part of our trip were delayed because of a lack of time and energy in Glasgow during and right after the worldcon, a lack of an internet connection, as well as time, while in London and a lack of energy upon returning from the trip.
Interaction Report

Trip Report — Days 3 and 4

Trip Report, Part 3

Trip Report — Days 2 and 3

Trip Report Part 2