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Is it just me

…or do other users find it really confusing that the cut tag is <lj-cut> and the link to another user tag is <lj user>?

…or do other people have a real tendency make typos when dealing with characters created using the &*; construct?

Another Meem

After seeing this meem from , I had to try This test.

This tested my dialect and decided that I’m “44% (Yankee). Barely in the Yankee category.”

Two Gedankenexperiments, out of my thinking about origins and controversy

Off and on over the last few years I’ve thought about a, for lack of a better term, gedankenexperiment related to the strong feelings and reactions people get when dealing with issues of origins. Over lunch I came up with another.

I’ll have to admit that I created these, they reflect my worldview (or perhaps I should say universview), so I am probably guilty of loading the dice a bit. But I’ll have a go anyway.

Experiment 1

They’re Rioting in … Australia?

Last week I read the somewhat distressing news of race riots in suburban Sydney. Even though my conservative/libertarian politics and conservative Christianity tend to be somewhat further from the mainstream of Australian society than they are in the US where I live (and have lived all but about 6 weeks of my life), I’ve often thought that Australia was a pretty good model of how human should live together. Perhaps even a bit better of a model than the US and Canada. Some of the details of these riots marred that good image.

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DANGER: Origins and Intelligent Design Disussion Ahead

Some people may have noticed that I often keep quiet during discussions of how origins should be taught — although at Windycon I did bring up origins a bit, and then worked with the rest of the panel to move back away. However, since this issue probably won’t go away, I figured I might as well make my case for why my answer is a qualified “I don’t know.”

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Some obersvations about Christmas Music

Once again the calendar has rolled past Thanksgiving — I’m still wondering who moved it to mid-October this year — and we are now in the Christmas season. Thus I have begun listening to my collection of Christmas Music. This brings me to a couple of observations I’ve made about Christmas Music over the years.
Observations behind the cut