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Every so often, life deal up some coincidences:

On Saturday, Derrick wanted to watch Star Wars. Tara and I decided — sometime back actually — that it would be a fine movie for him to watch, so I went down to put it on. However, our copy is a Laser Disk special edition, which is on 5 sides (total) of 3 laser disks. Therefore, I couldn’t leave for very long while he was watching, so I ended up watching it again.

On Sunday, the speaker at our church (Lon Allison, director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College) referred to the scene
from Star Wars where the Millennium Falcon is pulled into the Death Star as part of one of his points.

This morning I found Sunday’s edition of Irregular Webcomic refers to the scene in Star Wars where Luke and Leia first meet in the prison cells of the Death Star.

I find it amusing that in the two days following the first time I’ve watched Star Wars in several years (probably 8 to 10 or more), I encounter two references to the original film.

FYI: I plan on holding onto my laser disk copy of the original Star Wars trilogy. It is about the only way I have left to actually see the original movies before Lucas decided that he should go back and continually edit the original movies to match is updated vision (bad) or improve the effects (not bad).

Giving away more ideas

Idea 1:

Yesterday, someone on the Christian Fandom list posted a link to an MS-NBC story about the opening of a church in Baikonur, commenting that this was something that probably would not have occurred to any SF writer during the cold war era.

This led me to an idea for a story I’ll probably never write. In this story someone finds a way to send news reports and a description of life from 2006 back forty or fifty years and then tries to submit it to a publisher as an SF story, only to get it rejected as too improbable even for SF.

Idea 2:

Almost every time I hear the song Lily’s Eyes from the musical The Secret Garden, I’m struck with an idea to make a filk {or at least a fanish parody} from it. The song is a duet sung between two adult brothers commenting on how Mary — the young heroine of the story — has eyes that remind them of one brother’s late wife, who was also Mary’s aunt.

Each time I hear this song, I’m struck by how similar its description of Mary having Lily’s eyes is to the frequent references in the Harry Potter books to how Harry has his mother, Lily’s, eyes. Therefore, I’m convinced that with enough talent and care one could write new lyrics that would be about how Harry Potter has his mother’s eyes. The only thing I’ve been able to figure out for sure is that the lyrics in the chorus that read (more or less) “Lily’s hazel eyes” would have to be rewritten as “Lily’s bright green eyes” so that they would properly match the rhythm.

But, alas, between a lack of time and talent, I’ll probably never get around to either project. Of course if you do either of these, and I gave you the idea, give me credit, or at least let me know.