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You know you work for an international company when…

You know that you work for an international company (or at least one that has offshored some development) when you have to fire up to confirm that the error message one of the developer’s you support was, as reported, a disk full error.

Some more details

Baaa. LJ Interests Meem

After seeing ‘s similar entry. I figured I’d give it a shot…
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Homework Help

As part of my current graduate course (CSCE 8316 — User Interface Design, through SMU), I have to complete a homework assignment that is due tomorow (March 16, 2006). In order to complete that assignment I have to ask a couple of other people some questions about ATM machines.

Therefore, the first couple of people who can respond with answers to the questions behind the cut, will receive my thanks and temporal gratitude.

Thank You in advance

And now the questions

Is it just me

It seems to me that I have been forwarding at least one e-mail a day to [email protected] I’m wondering if it is somehow that I am being targeted for these, or if everyone is being flooded with paypal based phishing scam e-mails.

Actually, I think yesterday it went to [email protected], but they are basically the same company.