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What an emberassing mistake

I’m in the process of viewing sample DucKon 15 badges to see how they would look in various potential formats and with different badge art. To do this, I need to look at samples of various different types of badges, staff, security, guest of honor, dealer and regular member. My program for generating samples uses a number of people that I can quickly find, or already have found, in the database that will generate the five different types of badges. My sample badge for a regular member is Derrick’s badge — that is the badge for my own kid.

So I’m going through the badges, and the staff badge is OK, as is the security and dealer badges, but the regular badge comes up blank. So I go check the database, and sure enough, I never registered Derrick.

Now I’m stuck. Technically I’m passed the deadline for pre-reging people, or putting in staff. If I follow my own rules, and say that Derrick is (a very unhelpful) part of my staff I cannot actually put him in until at the convention, and if I try to get him a regular membership I should really pay the at-the-door cost.

I’ll have to discuss this with the chair’s etc. at the final meeting this weekend.

OUCH, or why you should back up when told to

For a bit less than a year, I’ve been taking Karate classes at National Karate in Bartlett. I’ve progressed to a purple belt (White, Gold, Green, Purple) and will probably test for my blue belt next Friday night.

On Wednesday I got my first major injury, which wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked.

Why I won’t got to see MI:III

In their LiveJournal, other friends (rmeidaking and backrubbear at least) have written about Mission Impossible: III, at least one with definite plans to not see the movie. I also do not plan to see the movie, at least in part for very different reasons.
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Travel points meme

Acquired from jrittenhouse:

Furthest south:
In the Continental US: Central Texas (about half way from Dallas to Houston)
In the US: About 4 miles North of South Point, HI, where the road passes to 
the North
In the World: Melbourne Australia

Furthest North:
In the US: North of Deception Pass Washington
In the World: Dundee Scotland

Furthest East (Using the Date Line as the boundary between East and West):
In the US: Philadelphia, PA
In the World: Either Sapporo or Tokyo Japan (google maps is in Japanese 
there, I'm not sure which is further east)

Furthest West:
In the Continental US: Port Angles Washington (on the Olympic Peninsula)
In the World: Honolulu, HI

If you use direction of travel as the difference between East and West, the furthest East I’ve been in Bangalore India and the furthest West is Ayres Rock Australia.

Somtimes things just strike you funny

While waiting for stuff to finish running, I’m reading through a web site of New Mexico Highway history and information.

I just came across this description of the original routing of Route 27: “Route 27 ran from Nutt to Hatch…”

I’m not saying that my home state has some strange town names. Every state does.