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Most levels of indirection between Actor and Character

Just now, my iPod brought up “Medley from Man of LaMancha” from the Quantum Leap soundtrack album, which renewed my thought — can anyone site an example of more layers of (for lack of a better term) indirection between the actor and the role being portrayed then occurred in portions of the Quantum Leap that these track is from (“Leaping on a Star” if I recall correctly).

At points in that episode we have Scott Bakula playing Dr. Samuel Becket, who has leapt into an Actor (whose name I cannot recall), who is portraying Miguel de Cervantes in the Play Man of La Mancha, which then has Cervantes playing the role of Don Quixote to entertain his fellow prisoners in the holding cells of the Spanish Inquisition. By my count, this puts 3 layers of indirection between the actor (Bakula) and the character being portrayed (Quixote), where in most cases you get zero, or possibly one.

So, can anyone cite an example with more layers, or another example of 3 (4 or 5 depending on how you count) layers?

Musings about planning for specific potential events

This morning’s news carried information on two events, which prompted me to think about related ideas, and I’ve decided to share them.

The first news item I encountered was a report on the Fox Chicago morning news about the new Schaumburg (IL) Convention Center and its attached (integrated actually) Renaissance Hotel. This led me to think about the facilities needed for a Worldcon.

Musings about Worldcon Facilities

More proof that I don’t pay attention to sports

At lunch I saw a headline that read something like “Kenny Rogers, Brad Penny Chosen As All-Star Pitchers” (My usual source for the exact headline isn’t providing it today). As it started across the bottom of the screen where AP headlines scroll (below a power point loop of mostly corporate propaganda) I thought that it was a piece of entertainment news about a 60+ year old Country Music singer, not a sports headline.

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