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18th year hits meem

Following on from graht (who knew me back then 🙂 and rmeidaking (who I wouldn’t meet for a few years):

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Gamer Meem

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An unprecidented event

For the first time in my life, next year I will have premier status in not one, but two, airline frequent flier programs. Of course, this accomplishment wasn’t made in quite the usual way.

Mostly because of two trips to India — on in January and one in October — I qualified for American Airline’s “Gold” level. Then a couple of weeks ago, Motorola decided to change preferred airlines (for the first time in more than 17 years as near as I can tell) to United. As part of the deal, I automatically qualify for the equivalent status in United’s program.

Of course this will make sure that I don’t travel anywhere next year.

Actually, there is a chance that I may have to go to India or China next year to deliver some training or support, but I’m not holding my breath.

Lots of updates on life.

It is amazing how busy I’ve been recently. Just to fill people in on some of what has been going on
in my world, here is quick synopsis:

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SF Book Meem (Better late than never I)

Well, since most of my SF related friends have done their list, I’ll do mine:
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Interesting quote

This morning, while reading an article in the Albuquerque Journal, about how Three-Quarters of Albuquerque Public Schools Graduates who attend Central New Mexico Community Collage take remedial courses (article here, subscription or log in required), I came across an interesting quote:

But the study also found that, among APS graduates who complete Algebra II in their senior year, about 32 percent— fewer than a third— were prepared for college-level math.

What I find interesting is that in a sentence discussing poor math skills, the writer felt it was important to point out that 32% is less then one-third.

Social Disfunction Quiz

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Accent Meem

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