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Orlando Trip Report, Part One

I’ve re-edited this and had Tara take a look. If you’ve already read this, you might want to take a second look
Pictures added on April 4. Date not altered

Here is the first part of a trip report on our vacation to Orlando Florida. We are taking advantage of Derrick’s spring break, and the vacation that I have to take each year, and visiting the parks down here when it is not quite so hot, or crowded.

Due to a lack of advanced planning — we talked about this trip for months, but only started making arrangements in late December — our flights out left later on Sunday than I would have originally wanted.

A trip born under the sign of Murphy


This morning I woke up with the memory of having composed a limerick in my sleep, except I can only remember the first two lines and the fifth line:

One day I was out hunting fox
With Adam Smith, Ingles and Marx
So Marx offered me used socks

Of course now I have no idea if I really ever had a third and fourth line. I do have the impression that the third and fourth lines would have made made Marx offer of used socks inappropriate, and been a bit of a take on Marxism and communism.

So can anyone else think of what these lines might be? I won’t be disappointed to learn that this is not original, since it is clearly something my subconscious dug up.

So when did…

The Doobie Brothers and Eagles become country groups?

During the hight of their popularity in the mid to late seventies, I seem to remember (I was 10-15 then) that they both were considered a Rock band. Just now, my iPod brought up a song off of a collection of Doobie Brothers hits which in 2007 sounds more Country than Rock. I recall the same effect happened to the Eagles.

Obviously, the music hasn’t changed. So when did musical styles change so that what 25-30 years ago was “Rock” is now “Country”

At this moment my job situation is better than a lot of my friends. At least I’m employed and I expect that to remain true for a while. But I am more worried about my career then I have been for a while.

Until a week or so ago, I believed that my department had finished with staff reductions for the year, and that we clearly had enough work this year to use the staff we had. But then last week I learned that someone really goofed up (the term FUBAR would probably apply if I used that kind of language) when calculating the budget for my boss’s boss’s departments, resulting in a serious shortage in funds. The immediate result is that there will be no replacements for anyone who leaves (which really isn’t a change at all). But it doesn’t take much of a leap of intuition to figure out what the next step could be.

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