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Fun with Google Maps (Routing)

While waiting for a tool to finish executing so I can continue my work, I have been playing a bit with Google Maps ( They have recently updated, and improved, their routing capabilities by adding an option to include stops, which also lets you customize the route. More fun, they have added a “avoid highways” option, which seems to actually function as an “avoid freeways and expressways,” since my experiments have resulted in routes with few freeways or expressways, but many highways.

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Personality and Multiple Intelligences

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Not too surprising, except for how high “musical” rated.

Harry Potter # 7 Sepculation

For the last week, I’ve been re-listening to the Harry Potter books, starting at the beginning, getting ready to listen to book 7 when it arrives at the end of the month — or more likely after I finish book 6, since I got a late start. Additionally, I spent some free time looking at various Harry Potter related stuff on the web (which is safe for the rest of this week, then will be risky). Based on that I have some idle speculation about HP7, much related to highly reliable rumors I’ve read.

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Odd Phobia Issue

I have a phobia about driving (or even being a passenger) over high bridges. For as long as I can remember I get nervous when I’m in a car going over a high bridge. It doesn’t matter if the bridge is over a body of water or a ravine, or is a freeway overpass, if it is high, my blood pressure will be high while I’m on it.

Every time I’ve been in a car over the Coronado Bay Bridge between San Diego and Coronado I’ve had to bury my head and pretend I wasn’t on the bridge. Similarly, when I was in Tacoma on business in 1997, I told people if I had to drive to the Gig Harbor site (which I never had to), I’d be a bit longer since I’d take the long way around using the ferry to Vashon and then to Gig Harbor, rather then drive over the Tacoma Narrows bridge — even if it wasn’t the same one in the famous film.

What is odd about this, is that I have no problem being on the same bridge if I’m walking. For example, the last time I was in the Seattle area (1999) I was able to walk nearly half way out the bridge over Deception Pass to get some decent pictures, but then had to psych myself up to driving over it to get home.

Another odd aspect is that I find bridge engineering very interesting. For example, I would not mind walking out on the newest Tacoma Narrows bridge (if I were in the Tacoma area when it opens in a few weeks) to look at how it was made — as well as the view from it. But I don’t think I could drive it myself — and might not want to be a passenger in a car driving over it.

Where I’ve been

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Bartlett “Fourth of July” Parade

In case anyone is in the neighborhood and would be interested, Derrick and I will be in the Bartlett Fourth of July Parade, on Sunday July 8. The Parade kicks off at 1:00 (in the intense heat) and should run south down Bartlett’s main street (often known as Bartlett road, but not in alignment with either the Bartlett Road which runs north from Lake Street to IL-59, nor West Bartlett Road which runs west from Downtown towards South Elgin). It starts near the train tracks, and I’m not sure where it ends. We will be in the National Karate unit, in our dress karate uniforms. I suspect that I’ll be marshaling kids and keeping them moving and not overheating, but I’m not positive.

Minor Home Improvement Success

Yesterday, I started to clean (or at least de-junk) the garage. Part of the motivation was to get rid of the freezer that Tara didn’t even know was still plugged in and full of food, in preparation for getting a replacement. After I hauled the freezer and emptied a few boxes that were sitting out there since we moved in in 2002 (more on those later), I put down a couple of home-made pallets left by the previous owner at the end of the garage near the door to the house where a freezer should go.

Now, I don’t know when we’ll get a freezer to replace the one that will be thrown out on Tuesday, but I would like to. After putting down the pallets, I looked over the situation and remembered why the old freezer got put where it did instead of where it should have — there was no outlet over there.

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