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Quick partial trip report

On Monday, we left windy and cold Chicago for our more-or-less annual visit to cold and windy New Mexico to visit my family.

details follow

New Term

A few days ago, I coined a new term. While wandering Woodfield Mall this morning, I was reminded of it and prompted to share:

Macyiation: Verb — The process by which a local or regional department store or chain gets rebranded to that of a national chain, and looses its character and community relationship in the process.

Ironically, I suspect that one of the victims of Macyiation is the New York Macy’s stores themselves.

Canine Sighting

Yesterday, as I was driving home from Target after church and some shopping, I noticed a medium sized canine standing on the north side of Army Trail Road just west of Costco, and east of the homes that start shortly afterwards and run to County Farm. At first glance I thought it was just somebody’s rather shaggy looking dog, but on second glance and after some thought I’m now about 90% convinced that it was a coyote.

Where the animal was standing is at the end of a stretch of warehouse type businesses that are just south of the Mallard Lake Forest Preserve and the Mallard Lake Landfill that now occupies much of the preserve. This area then connects with the Hawk Hollow Forest Preserve (albeit with County Farm road in between) and from there to much of the rest of the DuPage county system along the west branch of the DuPage river. I’m sure that there is plenty of space in there for a pack or two of coyotes. My somewhat uneducated guess is that this wax a young male excluded from the pack looking for food or new territory, but was stopped by a road filled with cars.

Semi-Random thoughts about Con locations

Disclaimer: I am not planing on running any bids related to these ideas. If anyone decides to run such a bid, feel free to credit, blame or ignore my idea. (Not that I might not later choose to run such a bid if I get either brave or stupid)

Last night watching the Travel Channel show on the Disney World holiday lights made me think that Orlando might be a nice place for a SMOFcon. Early December is often the low occupancy (and low park attendance) time — or so I’ve read somewhere — down there, so there might be rooms and function space available for the traditional first weekend in December. One of the Disney hotels, if they have appropriate function space and corkage policies, might be ideal and let people extend a day or two to play around the parks. Obviously this would have to be sometime after 2012 since other years are already getting staked out.

Depending on how Westercon works out this July, I still think that Las Vegas might work for a early to mid August Worldcon. There are plenty of choices for convention space (IIRC the Luxor, and probably others have almost enough on their own) and hotel rooms in walking distance wouldn’t be a problem for any strip location, and possibly not for the convention center. The issues would be, as usual, corkage and possibly explaining to the hotel that fen might not gamble, but will consume mass quantities of inexpensive good food. This would have to be sufficiently after the San Diego bid to work with a similar group of not-quite in town con runners. If I recall the last LV bid for worldcon died due to lack of local support before it really got going.

Another site that might work, but I know less about it, is Vancouver. It would have to be far enough after both Montreal and Seattle since it would have the combined image of a Canadian bid and a Pacific Northwest bid. Even without that, I suspect that any bid would have to wait until after the Olympics in 2010, but that is automatic given my other suggestions.

Another Orlando Worldcon might not be out of the question. But given the choice between Orlando for SMOFcon or Worldcon, I’d prefer SMOFcon.

Were I to move back to my home town, I might be talked into doing a SMOFcon bid for Albuquerque, but I don’t think I could do it remotely, nor without the support — or at least endorsement — of the local fan groups.

Worldcon (and its ilk) volunteering

This weekend at SMOFcon I didn’t end up volunteering to do anything for either of the seated Worldcons, nor for any additional bids beyond the Chicago in 2012 bid which I’m fully committed to. However, I did think about volunteering.

Why I thought about it

SMOFcon wrapup

I just returned from SMOFcon in Boston — my second trip there in a week as previously reported.

Report, of sort, follows

Unrelated Cat Comment

When I got back from the Concert, I went up to my office to quickly (I thought) sync the iPod. When I got up there, I found our cat, Sam, asleep on the office chair. After petting him for a moment, I sat down on the front of the chair expecting him to vacate. However, he didn’t see this as a threat and stayed put — until several minutes later when I moved one of the computers trying to track a cable — which turned out to be unplugged (and preventing the iPod from syncing). At that moment he jumped off and left.



About ten minutes ago I got back from the Jars of Clay and Third Day Christmas Offerings concert in Hoffman Estates. It has been a few years since I’ve been to a concert at this level, and I am very glad I went (even though I went by my self)

Concert description

Trip summary

I recently returned from my first of two trips to Boston this week. This one was the work trip

Before the flight out