Monthly Archives: April 2008


This afternoon, someone — probably the same minor vandal who has been attacking me for some time — managed to load a file into one of my copermine galleries that when they downloaded it a while later altered every PHP file on my system to then access the same site. As a result, I have restored my entire web directory from last Sunday’s and last nights backups (Sunday is the weekly, last night is the most recent daily). As a precaution, I have also restored the mySQL data for all of the systems that are accessed by those PHP files. I have also disabled all of my copermine galleries — even though I had on Wednesday or Thursday referred to the gallery of digital artwork in a job application.

I am now hoping that these actions will be sufficient.

However, I am now also in the market for an alternate, hopefully more secure, method for storing and sharing my pictures on line. I am aware that this will probably result in an extensive undertaking especially for the photos where I’ve uploaded several hundred images over the last few years to share with family and friends.

I don’t know whether to be impressed or disgusted

I just had to pick up a fax confirmation on our departments Copier/Scanner/Printer/Fax, and found a bunch of other faxes and confirmations stacked up. While I was setting them over in the received fax and printout pile, I noticed one that turned out to be a junk fax. However, it took a moment to notice, because the fax looked like a typical corporate Memo from “Human Resource Dept.” to “All Corporate Employees,” with a subject of “Employee Vacation Time.” The ad in the fax is for vacation packages

As I said in my subject, I don’t know weather to be impressed with the cleverness of the marketing, or disgusted at such a subtle marketing ploy.

Earthquake! Aftershock?

This morning, about half an hour before I was planing on getting up, I woke up (or was partially awake) and noticed that the bed was shaking. After a bit I also noticed that the sliding door for the shower in bathroom was rattling.

I did manage to wait until about 5:10 (when my early alarm went off) to turn on the TV and confirm that there was a 5.2 earthquake in southeastern Illinois, that was felt all over the Chicago area. Tara reported that she was going down stairs and briefly thought it was the return of a vertigo problem she’s had of and on since some surgery a couple of years ago. The cat, dog and kid seemed to be unaffected.

A few minutes ago I felt some more shaking and noticed that my monitor was moving. I just did a refresh on the USGS website and it brought up a 4.5 quake north and a bit east of the original quake at 10:14:16 — about the time I felt it. I suspect that this is what I felt.

An “I Wonder”

This weekend, Google Alerts linked me to an obituary from the June 7, 2007 San Diego Union-Tribune, titled “Ron Oakes, 73; voice of San Diego hockey, ambassador of sport.”

Obviously, this isn’t me, but as I was reading it (and I think I remember seeing it about that time as well), I was struck by something from when I lived in San Diego 10 years ago”

One day I opened my mail box and found a letter from a nearby large medical clinic — one of these groups of several hundred doctors in a single complex that share billing, labs, etc. — where I’d gone a couple of times. In the envelope was a prescription from a doctor at the practice that I didn’t see, and for a medicine I didn’t need, but made out in my name. The next day I drove over to the clinic and dropped it off at their office so they could track down the mistake and get it to the correct person.

It just hit me now, and I’m wondering if I briefly held the prescription that was the rightful property of a locally, moderately, famous person? I’m sure I’ll never know — at least not with HIPPA laws in place.


The dog formerly known as “Rocky” now has a very similar, but more in our taste, name: “Rocket.” He has been doing very well. The only real damage has been a couple of holes in the back door screen when he’s been left out too long, and the three left-over crescent rolls from last night which he stole at some point and ate (at least he didn’t eat the foil).

Sam, the cat, is venturing out more and more, but isn’t yet completely sure what to do with a 70 pound dog.

Monday we took the dog to the vet and the only problem was, as we expected, he is overweight by about 10 pounds. But we are doing the right things. He has now been clearly vaccinated and duly registered with the village.

On other fronts, I’m still doing the job search things — allthough I keep feeling a bit guilty knowing that I’m employed and many of my friends are either un- or underemployed. I have a preinterview discussion with a recruiter for Google on Thursday. I think that this job is for Kirkland Washington, not their Chicago office. We’ll see how it goes, and if it goes well I’ll try to keep my hopes in check this time.