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Disapinting morning

This morning we had a 10:00 court date for Derrick’s adoption. We got there in plenty of time, with a nervous kid and a pair of grandparents.

However, things did not go as we had hoped. The Judge decided, to the surprise if not shock of our lawyer, that we had missed a bunch of procedural steps. Specifically he wants the statements from the biological parents taken by the probation department rather than just by a notary public. Then he wanted to serve Derrick, even though he was standing there in the court with his legal guardians. Finally he wanted the probation department to do a criminal background check on us. He was going to give us a date in 60 days, but pulled back to July 28 since we were leaving on July 31 for California.

One additional disappointment is that this will now become final while I am technically unemployed so I won’t be able to take advantage of adoption assistance from either employer. (Although, I was half expecting that Motorola would not get the reimbursement through until after I had left their employ, and would not pay anyway)

Protected: Need moving help

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Prayer requests

I don’t know how many people on my friends list will be compelled to pray, but in case you are I’m posting a link to the move and other related prayer requests that I’m keep up as a blog entry on my personal web site

The URL is:

Oh, since I’ve been distracted with a bunch of minor issues (like finding a new job, moving, DucKon) I think I’ve failed to mention that we are, finally, in the process of officially adopting Derrick. Some of the requests relate to that.

Starting the move

We have officially begun the first step of the move to California — packing the stuff that has to get out of the house.

Even before we decided that I was taking the San Diego job, Tara and I had determined that before we could put the house on the market we needed to get a lot of stuff out of the house to make it ready to show. To that end we ordered up a POD, which is taking up more than half of the driveway, and are starting to fill it up. We are putting in most of the books and CDs, the contents of the crawlspace and garage, some extra furniture, and anything else that is contributing to clutter. This has already hit my least favorite stage of packing (or cleaning), where it feels like I’ve been working forever and nothing has been accomplished — in spite of the now nearly empty office and the empty bookshelves.

Yesterday, I also got some of the electrical projects done that were needed. I got the light hung in the now nearly completed upstairs bathroom, replaced the outlet and switch in the master bathroom and installed the light I bought for myself two or three months ago to put into my office. I still need to replace the GCFI breaker for the bathrooms, but haven’t wanted to shut down the house to do that yet.

I keep rambling

Decision Made

On Monday I accepted the position with Qualcomm. My start date is set for August 18.

We plan on departing the Chicago area sometime between July 25 and August 1, and will stop in Denver for Denvention on the way to San Deigo. I will probably share more of these plans as they become set.

In the mean time, we need to get the house ready to sell, and onto the market. We also need to at least check out San Diego real estate and determine if we are going to try to buy right away, or see about renting for a year or so before making a purchase.

We also have a lot of other stuff to get ready. We will accept any help anyone wishes to offer, and will probably want to get together with friends here and there before we leave.

Our future plans include returning to attend, and probably help with, DucKon each year. We are likely to try to make at least one of the other conventions as many years as possible — probably Capricon at least in the near term. We will also stay involved in our other main Chicago fannish activity (if you don’t know what that is, you probably will after Denver). We will also attend as many Worldcons as we can afford.

More details as they become clear.

Seattle, DucKon, Decision

This is going to be a long one, I’ve got a lot of updates to get through.


Waiting, and other updates

In preparation for DucKon, and to use up vacation (decided on the assumption at the beginning of the year that I would be staying put, even though that quickly changed) I’ve been off this week. However, I haven’t been able to enjoy it like I’d like to. Instead, I’ve spent most of yesterday and today waiting to hear when Microsoft would schedule my interview.

Finally, I got the call from the scheduler, who wanted me to give her 5 days at least 5 days from now — even though the recruiter has known since last week that I have a pending offer, and has asked them to expedite the process. I confirmed that I had an offer pending, and gave her Thursday, next Monday and then Friday as my only available days. The scheduler read my reply at 5:41 this afternoon (according to the read receipt I asked for in my e-mail). I waited longer, until 8:00 our time (6:00 in Seattle), and still haven’t gotten any response. Now, I’ve got to wait some more tomorrow since I doubt that there will be any action until they get into the office at 8 or 9 their time.

At this point I not sure if this is a sign that they aren’t as interested as the recruiter made me think that they were, a sign that I should take or wont’ get this job, or just a test of my patience.

In other, related, news: I had a talk this morning with a manager in another team at Mot that would be interested in having me join them. It would be a mostly development role which is what I’m looking for, and would preserve my seniority and keep me available to help my current group (both teams are part of the same division). Part of it is appealing, but it doesn’t address my concerns about whether Motorola will survive or not; and won’t address any of my problems with the company Motorola has become — not that Microsoft or Qualcomm won’t also be companies with problems.

Are my tired eyes and distracted brain trying to tell me something?

I am currently printing badges for DucKon, so while the windows computer is busy doing that (and keeping me up later than I should since I’ll probably have to get up earlier in the morning than I might otherwise on a kidless day off), I’ve been looking at stuff on the Linux box via the KVM switch.

Just now I flipped back and started looking at what was on the screen. The first paragraph I looked at read “We think Qualcomm is everyone’s best option…” Now after a moment, I remembered that I had been reading an article from The San Diego Union-Tribune about how to deal with the traffic generated from the U.S. Open this week, and was referring to Qualcomm Stadium, not the company.

But, I’ll admit for a moment, I was wondering if someone was sending me signals.

(Just in case you miss the reference, go back and read this entry).

Rare Political Post: McCain’s Running Mate

Today I was struck with a political thought (not unusual in itself, just often not shared). It occurred to me that someone SIMILAR to Condoleezza Rice {this makes the 4th time today I’ve used Google as a spell check} might make a very good Republican candidate for Vice President this year.

What I’m suggesting is a younger woman of African decent with reasonable to strong moderate to conservative credentials.

I have read someone speculating that Bobby Jindal might be a good match — although I don’t know if a Governor early in his first term would be a good choice or not, but probably no worse than anyone else without existing national name recognition. (As an aside, I was in India when he was elected Governor of Louisiana so I saw the coverage there. I’d be interested what it would be like if he was nominated for Vice President)

The other name I remember reading, and I think this was an article linked from a blog post at the Albuquerque Journal the other day, was Heather Wilson, who has represented the Albuquerque area in congress for ten, or so, years; but stepped down to run for the Senate. (She lost to the congressman from Southern New Mexico, who will now run against the third congressman from New Mexico for the Domenici’s Senate seat). I think she was suggested as a younger woman with good moderate credentials.

Of course either choice suffer because they come from smaller states also in the southern US, although only Louisiana is considered as part of the “South.”

One last wired thought, what would happen if McCain picked Wilson as his running mate, and then Obama picked Bill Richardson. Would the State of New Mexico become politically torn up as two of its residents were running against each other for national office?

One egg hatched…

another is looking more fertile, the third is still unknown.

A while ago, I received an offer from Qualcomm. Not a great offer — about comparable to my current salary if I use the lowest of the many cost of living comparison numbers I’ve seen between here and San Diego — but an offer.

Last night I also heard back from the recruiter for Microsoft, and it sounds like they’d like me to interview early next week. I’m waiting to hear back from her on a time for more conversation (I didn’t have time last night) to get more details.

I’ve heard nothing from Intel, but did send the manager a quick e-mail letting him know I had an offer.

At least this round should be over by June 18th.