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Adoption Update

Yesterday, we had the second hearing on the adoption. At this hearing we learned that the report from the GaL (essentially Derrick’s court appointed lawyer) had not been turned in before due to a difference in the procedures between Cook, where the GaL normally works, and DuPage county procedures. This caused us to have to reschedule to this afternoon.

This afternoon’s hearing went pretty well, but it isn’t final. Since we still have to deal with an issue of terminating the parentage of the possible unknown father — the fact that we have a DNA paternity test is not sufficient in this case — and that cannot be done until the legal notice has run for 30 days, which won’t happen until mid August.

Therefore, we will have one more hearing on September 4. The extra couple of weeks were because of the Judge’s case load and, if I recall, his vacation.

While we thought that the judge was being needless picky at the initial hearing, it has been shown that he is just being very diligent and through with the law, and it sounds like there should be no trouble adopting once Derrick is adoptable. At this point we have one of the 4 potential parents who has not been legally released (I’m blanking the exact terms). {Yes, I said 4 parents: the mother, the presumed father — Tara’s brother — the mother’s husband at the time, and the possible unknown father} Once the court is able to deal with the possible unknown father, the judge basically said that he sees no reason that he won’t be able to grant the adoption.

We will have to be in court on September 4, so we are flying back on September 3. Since I didn’t feel comfortable trying to leave late on the 3rd in case things dragged into the afternoon, and September 5 is a Friday, we aren’t actually heading back to San Diego until the following Sunday. We will probably be staying in Rockford with my in-laws instead of getting a hotel room near here. However, we may be available sometime that weekend.

No longer a Motorolan

As of about 11:35 this morning, I can no longer claim to be a Motorolan. At that point, I turned in my badge, computer and credit cards to our Admin (since my boss is on vacation and the other member of his staff is in training, and since she has often done this before), and left carrying the last box of stuff from my cube.

I don’t recall it feeling this way when I left in 1997, or when I left Sony in 1999, but I’m feeling more depressed than happy at the moment. Of course, we have a fair amount of concerns — hopefully the adoption will be final on Monday, and we have only had a couple of showings of the house {Hey, if you know anyone who’d like a house in Bartlett, I’ve got an MLS number to show them} — which may be contributing. I ran out of 5-HTP last week, which may also be contributing.

But life moves on, and a week from yesterday we get on the road to San Diego by way of Denver and Devention.

For my friends in the Chicago area, I hope to be seeing you all again fairly soon — next year at DucKon if not before. And we are still here for a few more days.

The Headline I’ve Been Dreading

For a couple of days now, I’ve been dreading seeing the headline “Hello Dolly” in reference to the Tropical Storm (predicted to soon be a hurricane) of that name. Now, unfortunately, I no longer have to dread. I’ve seen the headline. To add to the annoyance, it was actually “Hello, Dolly … You’re Looking Swell, Dolly.” The final addition is that the headline is on the Albuquerque Journal online, not a news source I normally associate with too obvious, cutesy, headlines.

I’m sure that this won’t be the last example of this headline relating to this storm, either.

The next couple of weeks

FYI: my schedule until we leave for Denver, Albuquerque and San Diego is as follows:

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San Diego

Tara and I went to San Diego this last weekend to do some house hunting.

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Travel plans

Travel plans for our trip to San Diego are pretty much gelled — that is we have hotel reservations for every night but two, and those two will be the nights we spend with my parents.

I’m hiding them below

Newspaper coverage of Jack Speer’s Passing

Even though he resided in my home town for many years, starting before I was born, I never met (as far as I know) Jack Speer. However, I was heartened to see the following headline come from the news feed for the Albuquerque Journal: Science Fiction Loses Eminent Historian, Fan.

The article, which may or may not be in the print edition today or tomorrow, draws a lot from online sources, but it is good press for a well respected member of fandom.

Must be a big day for B-days for Friends of my Friends

Going through my friends list this morning, there were three postings with birthday greetings for a total of six different LJ Users. I think that this is the largest group I’ve ever seen on one day.

Between friends of my friends who are also my friends {now that is an awkward phrase} and names that are easy to decode, I can actually identify who half of them are IRL.

So to any who happen across this post, many regards of the day. Or a large semi-aquatic pachyderm, multiple avians and a pair of female domestic wool producers.

In case my clues are two obscure for you