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The last week has been a bit busy. Work is going pretty well, although my reward for easily fixing two CRs in my first week is to be assigned a much more complicated one — but I should have a much better idea how the application works inside once I’ve fixed it.

Our cat came home on Wednesday evening, and has been making himself quite comfortable in our new arrangements. He is sleeping in the bedroom with us, and is enjoying it. Tara isn’t as much, since he likes to wake her up at night to get attention — and she keeps rewarding him even if it is to scold him or kick him off the bed.

We still haven’t sold the house in Bartlett, and are probably going to have to replace our Realtor — which is unfortunate since he is the brother of a good friend. We are about to run out of our temporary housing and will have to find something that we can afford to rent unless something miraculous occurs in the next few days.

I’ll post more when I have more energy and time.

Sick Cat

After all of the stress of the trip and the new job, we got one more stress added today. Yesterday, the cat started vomiting, and then quit eating. Today, he started hiding and being very lethargic, and showed no signs of having used the bathroom.

Finally this afternoon, Tara found him sitting in the litter box. But it still took us an hour or two before we decided it was looking bad. I ended up taking him to the UC Davis affiliated emergency Vet clinic, apparently just in time.

It turns out that he had a blockage in his urinary tract, but because of the potassium and the pain, he was suffering from tachycardia. However, the vet was able to give him dextrose and insulin and got the heart back to normal, and was able to catheterize him to clear the blockage. He is still in ICU, and will be there for another day or two, and this is costing a lot more than I ever imagined I’d spend on vet bills, but given our current stress and mood, especially Derrick’s, having a dead cat would have been too much stress.

Trip Report part 5

This is the final report on our cross-country trip.

Aug. 11 — Albuquerque

Trip Report part 4 (Denvention Report)

Here is my trip and convention report covering Denvention 3, and my travels through today.

Aug. 6 — Denvention Day 1

A bit of hotel musing

I’ve been in a few hotels over the last week, and I’ve had some thoughts about them.

One of the things that I noticed is that the wall layout for the rooms at the Ramada in Lincoln and the Holiday Inn in Estes Park were nearly, if not completely, identical. There are a couple of possibilities, but one that is far from beyond reason, is that the Ramada in Lincoln was originally built as a Holiday Inn during the same time, and thus with the same room floor plan.

I also wonder which part of the Estes Park Holiday Inn was built first. There are two wings, the one at the back where we stayed, and one further forward. I’m pretty sure that they weren’t built together since they probably would have been better connected — even with the steep hill they were built on. But either could be the original hotel.

Finally, I’ve come to the very safe conclusion that the Sheraton in downtown Denver (which was an Adams*Mark until very recently) was built in two different parts. The hotel consists of two buildings across Court Place from each other. The “Tower” building is located on the Colfax side, appears to be much older and the original building. The hotel web site says that the building was designed by I.M. Pei, and I suspect that may be the tower building, since it has interesting architectural details. The plaza building is much newer — possibly within the last 10 years. The thing that pretty much sold me on the idea that the hotel used to just be the tower building was when I went over there last night for the Aussicon Bid party and noticed that there is still a hotel registration desk in that building, even though the hotel registration is now in the plaza building.

Trip Report part 3

Since I seem to be doing my trip reports a couple of days at a time, it looks like time to report on the last couple of days.

Aug. 4 — Wheat Ridge CO

Continuing Trip Report

Here is the continuation of my trip report.

Aug 2 — Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park

Trip Report: July 30-Aug 1

Below is a report on our trip so far.

July 30 — last day in Bartlett