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Two weeks of the new commute

Today marked the end of the second week of what should be my regular commute for some time to come. At this point I’m taking public transportation three days a week, and driving two days a week. And I’ve come to several conclusions and observations.

conclusions and observations

Frustrating Report

Today, it was reported on the Christian Gamers’ Guild list, that a charity auction had been held at GenCon this year. In honor of E. Gary Gygax, the original intended recipient was to be the Christian Children’s Fund (CCF) — reportedly his favorite charity. However, they didn’t want the money when they found out that D&D items would be a key part of what was being auctioned.

The reports get even more disturbing when, in one reply, a member of the Guild reports that they were told by a CCF official that CCF is “Christian in name only.” I’ll admit to thinking that CCF was the least Christian of the various Christian child support agencies I’m aware of. {Compassion International has an explicit evangelistic approach, and Worldvision has a fair amount of explicit Christianity in their literature and support}. If they believe that they are Christian in name only, then why would they reject gifts derived from the sale of D&D merchandise?

Protected: Contact Update

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Setteling and Networking

We are starting to get settled into the rented house — I’m even starting to think of it as “our house” even though we only have it for a year. We still have quite a bit of unpacking and organizing to do, but we — mostly robot_grrl — has gotten a lot of it done. We’ll probably spend some time this weekend doing a few things, like finishing assembling the headboard and trying to reorganize the garage in anticipation of the POD.

I am hoping that we might also swing by the Wild Animal Park, even though we’ll have to pay for parking (I didn’t pay the extra $40.00 to get a membership that included free parking and two extra guest passes)

We also have the network mostly set up. This gives us our basic computer access to the internet, and our phones back. However, Speakeasy didn’t set me up with a second IP yet, so I don’t have my server back on the air. Once I get that, I’ll have to wade through the morass of DNS settings once more to get the domain back. I’ve done it once or twice, so I should be able to do it again.

Then, on Tuesday, we should get our satellite TV hooked back up, finally making me feel reconnected after a week without contact with the real world — except for Monday when I listened intently to the radio much of the evening worrying about a wildfire not too far away on Camp Pendelton.


This morning robot_grrl and I signed a lease for a house in Oceanside. This is house number 3 from the search on Saturday. For better or worse, this is a one year lease, and it looks like we are on the hook for the full year — except for the first 9 days of next October. This means that we’ll probably have to let the houses we’ve been looking at go — unless they are still on the market in another 10 or so months so that we can close sometime in August or September (whichever is the one that will result in our first mortgage payment being in October).

Allow me to ramble on

*Rental* House Hunting

As robot_grrl already reported, we spent a couple of hours this morning looking at rental houses since our temporary housing is about to run out and we still haven’t sold our house near Chicago — and may not for a while given the economic turmoil.

House descriptions and decisions

Welcome robot_grrl

After much browbeating and procrastination, Tara has finally set up her live journal. She can now be seen as robot_grrl.

Welcome her gently 🙂