Long Day + Crowded Train + Inebriated Baseball Fans != Nice Commute

Even though I was able to sleep in a bit today — robot_grrl had the day off due to low volume again today — I was feeling dragged down even before getting to work. On top of that, today wasn’t a bad day, but wasn’t encouraging (I’m still doing a job that doesn’t match either my skills or interests). So, when it came time to leave, I was glad to head out.

But I had to drop something by a co-worker’s desk on the way out since I’m off tomorrow and he or another coworker may need a piece of equipment that is in my office being used for automated testing. This took a bit long, and I had to run to catch the shuttle to the train station. Fortunately, I was spotted and the driver stopped for me.

But, as I was getting onto the Coaster, while listening to The Annals of the Kings and Rulers (a.k.a. The appendix to The Lord of the Rings), I heard the announcement that if anyone wanted to wait and not take the crowded train, another would be along in 27 minutes. As I was hearing this, I got upstairs and found it very packed.

Today was the first of the roughly monthly afternoon games for the Padres. This was the first Coaster after the end of the game, and had a large contingent of fans — both of the Padres and their opponents, the LA Dodgers. By the time I got upstairs the only seat available was with three loud young baseball fans who had consumed more beer (I presume) than was probably good for them. They were in the loud and obnoxiously friendly stage. I choose to stand downstairs through the first two stops instead of joining them. I’m sure the woman about my age (+- 10 years) who also got on at my stop was very wise in not joining them.

Fortunately, I was able to get a seat after two stops.

The we arrived at Oceanside, and I headed for the Sprinter. The Sprinter at that time is a 1 car train, and the platform was already very crowded, including many of the loud and probably inebriated baseball fans. On top of that, several were smoking in spite of the NCTD’s ban on smoking on the platform. I quickly decided to call Tara, who was just up the road at the Sunset Market, to see if she could give me a ride to my car. Fortunately, she and Derrick hadn’t left, and I was able to walk up to them and get a ride back to the station near the house.

Fortunately, these games are only monthly (except September, when there are two) and the ones in July and August will be on days when I’ll be in Arizona or Montreal. But for the others, I think I’ll drive.