Not that long ago, we came back from our Easter service. Not too surprisingly there were a few differences I noticed from the last few.

First, this was the first time in a few years I haven’t been running graphics for Easter services. More about at least part of why that was later. On a more drastic front, this service was held outside, at the Oceanside Amphitheater — right on the beach just south of the Oceanside Pier. This is also a very large event, and the church brought in a number of outside speakers in addition to the regular message by Pastor Shawn.

One thing that I noticed that was a big difference between how New Venture Christian Fellowship does this event and how Wheaton Bible Church has done similar events. As near as I could tell, with the possible exception of the person providing the lyrics for the musical part of the worship, the entire technical crew were hired professionals; whereas Wheaton Bible Church as almost always used their regular volunteers for similar events.

I can understand this from the camera crew completely, since New Venture has remote control cameras in their facility so none of our volunteers are used to regular camera work. But we do have regular sound technicians who should be capable of running sound for the event.

In spite of these differences, the key message was the same, and the message is what is important.

2 Responses to Differences

  • I suspect that the Oceanside Amphitheater is a Union Shop (especially given that you are talking about California, after all), and they are required to hire Union Techs to do any work there. That area of California is rabidly union when it comes to any kind of show biz thing (moreso the closer you get to Hollywood).

    • ron says:

      That is certainly a possibility, but not a 100% thing since the Oceanside Amphitheater is owned by the City of Oceanside. On the other hand, the suppliers of the rental equipment may be a union shop and requires that their people be hired with the equipment.