Where to get a simple, cheep pavilion

The next two weekends, we will be attending events at Buddy Todd Park, which is less than a mile from our house — at least based on the mileage on my pedometer from the walk. Next Saturday is the Anime LA picnic, and the following Saturday is the Anniversary event for The Canton of Summergate (SCA).

While I was walking to and from the park, for exercise and something to do, it occurred to me that it might be nice to have some sort of a portable shade structure that we can easily bring to the park and set up. The issue is that I’d like something that won’t cost too much to acquire, and will at least pass as appropriate at the SCA event — I doubt the Anime crowd will care.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

One Response to Where to get a simple, cheep pavilion

  • lonotter says:

    In looking for pavilions to merchant out of, period appearance and easy setup tend to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, in my experience. Throwing in “not too expensive” makes it even harder to move to the period appearance end of the spectrum.

    For maximum ease of setup, an EZ-Up style (, if you’re not sure what I’m talking about) are the winners, IMO. We’ve got three. They’re pretty common around here, and adding your own additional cover to make it more period-ish is also pretty common (I don’t). They are, however, on the heavy and bulky end of the spectrum. A real EZ-Up or one of this style from Powell & Powell ( are not cheap, but are more durable than the cheap knock-offs.

    Most period is easy – Pather Pavillions, and the like. But not cheap or as easy to set up as some modern things.

    Cheapest are the things with sectional tubular legs and plasticy separate one-piece covers. They aren’t too heavy or too bad to put up, but they aren’t exactly pretty, even for a mundane event. And I don’t tell you, as a Scout, how, they’d hold up to real Weather.

    For the ultra-portable-easy-light, check out some of the shade fly things from L.L. Bean and such. Shock-corded poles, etc. But very very modern, no disguising those babies.