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Yet Annother Filk Idea

(Gee, if I actually had the talent to pull these off, I could be a famous filk composer)

A filk on the old The Carpenters song “It’s a Dirty Old Shame When All You Get From Love is a Love Song” entitled “It’s a Dirty Old Shame When All You Get From a Con is a Filk Song.” The only problem I can think off (besides what the lyrics should be) is the need to sneak an article into the title and main lyric of the original to make syntactic sense.

Another Filk Idea

Yesterday, when driving home we passed the exit for Camino de Estrella. As we drove past, I realized that that would make a fine title and inspairation for a serious, original, filk song. In case you don’t know, Camino de Esterella translates to “Road to the Stars.”

A Realization (re: Cinamatic James Bond)

Last night I had a realazition about the early James Bond movies.
background, just in case

Final LosCon 36 Report

Not that long ago, we got back from LosCon

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More LosCon

LosCon since I posted last night.

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LosCon through Friday early evening

Yesterday, after getting packed up, we all headed up towards LAX and the Marriott for LosCon.

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Turkey Trot

As I’ve previously mentioned, this morning I walked (behind the serious runners, obviously) in the 5K Oceanside Turkey Trot.

Registration for the “Locals” race ran from 6:00 until about 5 minutes before the 8:15 start, so we headed towards downtown Oceanside, arriving about 7:15. We parked a few blocks (uphill) from the Civic Center where the check in was held and walked to registration.
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Thanksgiving Morning

In just a few minutes we’ll be off so that I can ramble behind the trotters in the Turkey Trot (the serious racers are kicking off now, but we’ve got an hour before the locals only event, where I’m entered).

After that, we need to finish packing and start heading North for LosCon. Somewhere along the way we’ll stop and get something to eat.

Hopefully, we’ll also have time to reflect on being thankful (not that we haven’t been doing some of that recently)

Now, if we can just get The Kid to think and listen we might actually survive the day.

More Updates

It is now official. Sometime, I’m guessing in the next month, I will be transitioning between teams here at Qualcomm.

As I (think I) mentioned before, since part of the team I’ll be moving to, including many of the people I’ll be working with, is based in Santa Clara, I’ll probably be up in that area a couple of days a month for at least a while. Unless the transition happens with great rapidity (i.e. I’m officially moved by the end of next week), my first trip won’t be until January at the earliest. {I don’t really want to be traveling during the same week I have surgery, and won’t be traveling the couple of short weeks afterwards until we go to New Mexico for New Years}.

But, once I’m heading that way I’ll let people know what evenings/nights I might be free in case someone wants to offer me activities.

Under the Knife

As I mentioned on Monday, I had an appointment with an ENT to discuss a large nodule in my thyroid.

At this appointment we decided that the best course of action would be to remove it. So I am now scheduled to have it removed (or as I morbidly put it to robot_grrl a bit ago “have my throat cut”) on December 17.

This should give us enough time to not disrupt our travel plans over New Years, but will take me away from work for a few days — and knock me off the blood donation list for a few weeks at least.

At least getting this out now is a good thing, before it actually started choking me or turned into something less nice.