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This weekend was ConDor, thus the first time I officially worked a San Diego area con.

Friday Feb. 26

Many Updates

I don’t think my life could get much busier. But here are today’s updates:


Health Update

As previously reported, I had an MRI on Monday. Today (and tomorrow) I had a nuclear full body scan.

test details

Quick Update

Our Mortgage is now locked!

I Think I Hear The Chick Peeping

We are moving to lock down our mortgage, albeit with my second choice broker. We have a home inspection scheduled for Thursday afternoon, and have an escrow account set up to which I’ll deliver the check this afternoon. So, it is looking more and more like we’ll get the house.

I’ve also done some research into the lion’s share (by count, at least) of the bad claims on our credit report. They seem to come from a large group practice that I went to a few times in 1998 and 1999, but are dated from 2003 and 2004 according to the collection agency. I’ve asked the clinic to see if they can confirm that I was not treated during those dates (but what they may come up with is proof that all of my treatments were paid for between me and insurance). I have a pretty good suspicion that the clinic in question was also seeing another Ronald Oakes since I once got a prescription in the mail for a drug I didn’t need from a doctor I hadn’t seen. (I don’t know if this was the Ronald Oakes who was also an announcer for the San Diego Gulls minor league hockey team in the 1960’s or 1970’s and died a couple of years ago, or not, but it is not out of the question)

We still have to get the mortgage officially approved, and confirm that they can meet the current closing date (which is tight, but I suspect if its for financing we’ll be able to move it), and hope that nothing comes up during the inspection and termite check — which will hopefully also be on Thursday. But it is looking more and more likely that we’ll once again be home owners before the end of March, or possibly before the end of April.

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I had the MRI this morning. It wasn’t too bad – mostly having to spend 20 minutes in a tube where all I had to look at was the very close, and uninteresting, cealing or the insides of my eyelids.

It took a bit longer total, since they also took an x-ray to make sure that the entire metal filing I got in my eye about 25 years ago was gone. None of us wanted a sliver in my eye to be atracted by the magnents and move.

House Buying Stress, Continued

Some developments in the last day or so:

1: We’ve accepted the seller’s counter offer, and are now in the 17 day contingency period which includes financing, inspections, etc.

2: We are getting massively conflicting information about the FHA’s requirements. The mortgage brokers we’d been working with – who work out of the same offices of and are affiliated with our Realtor (actually they work out of a different office, but are part of the same family), and are affiliated with a very major corporation (Berkshire Hathaway) which has a pretty darn reputable CEO and leader (Warren Buffett) – are telling us that we are applying for a standard “FHA Forward” loan using the higher price limits due to San Diego county’s housing costs. But, the other broker, who was recommended to us by the seller, is claiming that this is a “Jumbo” mortgage and is subject to higher credit limits. I know which one I trust to actually have the correct information. We are still officially working with both, but are very dependent on the seller giving our original brokers information needed to go to the FHA.

3: Hopefully on Thursday afternoon we’ll get the home inspection done. This will, among other things, give me a chance to see how bad it will be if/when I have to drive home to this house. (I’m hoping that I’ll be able to continue to take public transportation, just shifting from a train and a corporate provided shuttle to an express bus)

At this moment, I’m feeling moderately confident that we’ll get this worked out, and we’ll be home owners by the end of March, and be living in that home by the end of April.

Not a Low-Stress Couple of Days

The last few days have been trying to see how much stress I can have piled on top of me, but there have been a few not too bad things as well.

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An Almost Tempting Discovery

This morning – thanks in large part to San Diego 6’s Morning News needing some place to do the standup for the “Local Boy Wins Gold Metal” story – I learned that there is an indoor ski and snowboard school in Encinitas.

Were money not somewhat tight, and the danger of leading to something that needs even more money is somewhat high (not to mention a tricky knee), I would be tempted to sign up for a set of snowboard lessons; which would probably require I sign Derrick up for some too. At least that way we might be able to learn some of the basics before we risk ending up cold and wet a hundred or so miles from home learning.

Oddly, considering I never found downhill skiing enticing, I’ve thought off and on over my adult years that snowboarding looks fun. But, I would stay off the half-pipe. Flying 20 feet above the edge of a thirty-feet deep ice trough doesn’t look all that fun (but boy can it be impressive).

Evil Teacher Thoughts – Olympics and Physics

Every so often, my brain (which is supposed to be trained as a software engineer) comes up with ideas for (hopefully) fun, and challenging school assignments. This morning while watching the rest of last nights Olympic coverage (i.e. the last few skaters) I thought of one for a, probably High School, physics class that would be covering classical mechanics during February.

Break the class into groups (of one or more students) and assign each group one of the winter Olympic sports, and have them produce a report or presentation explaining the mechanics of the sport.

Most of the spots would have at least a few principles involved. Off the top of my head:

  • Figure Skating – Angular Momentum, momentum, friction
  • Speed Skating – momentum, and inelastic collisions for short track
  • Downhill Skiing and Snow Cross – gravity, angular momentum, friction
  • Cross Country Skiing – friction (not much here)
  • Snowboard Half-pipe, freestyle aerials – gravity, momentum, angular momentum
  • Sliding Sports – gravity, friction, momentum, angular momentum

I’m sure in the hands of the right teacher and the right set of students, a very good set of presentations could result.