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At my last annual physical in February, my doctor pointed out that what I’d thought was a sometimes swollen lymph node was in fact a hernia. After a bit of delay in part due to my other health issues I’ve now got surgery scheduled to take car of it. The surgery is scheduled for June 22, which will be after The Kid is in Rockford for the summer, making it a bit easier to schedule around.

I’ll be glad to have this repaired so that I can, hopefully, resume martial arts training and other things. Until then, I’ll have to live with walks at lunch as my main activity.

Renaissance Faire

Today, robot_grrl, The Kid and I headed north to the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. I used to be a regular attendee (at least once a year) at The Bristol Renaissance Faire (run by the same company), but after moving to DuPage county the added distance made us not make it more than a couple of times. Similarly, last year we didn’t try to make it up to Irwindale – which is in Northern Los Angles County – for the Southern California event. We did go to a smaller event in Escondido, but it was nice to get to the big faire again, and plan on going back somewhat regularly.

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Weekend Update

This was a fairly busy weekend – especially for an “empty” weekend.

Saturday May 15, 2010

This Morning…

…I was dropping The Kid off at his school, when I was passed by a parent who apparently couldn’t let their precious bundle of a middle school student walk any further than absolutely necessary – and nearly hit my son and my car in the process.

The Kid’s school shares a parking entrance with the adjacent high school, and one could use the same circular driveway – more a roundabout with only one entrance and one exit that are in the opposite directions – that is shared between both schools for drop offs. But, the preferred way for dropping off and picking up middle school students is to use a marked curb lane on the side of the parking lot adjacent to the middle school.

When we’d pulled in there were no other cars in the drop off lane, so I pulled forward to the far end – which is the closest to the school entrance and said “good bye” to The Kid. He then started to get out of the car on, unfortunately, the non-curb side since the drop off lane is on the left-hand side of the driveway. I looked back and tried to warn him as a car was shooting up the driveway much faster than is sane in a parking lot near middle and high school kids. I tried to warn him to watch out for the car, but he didn’t hear me in time and still opened the door – probably no more than a couple of feet from the front of the other car.

As he was getting out and walking around, I noticed that the other driver pulled IN FRONT of the drop off lane – against the curb where the driveway narrows for its intersection with the aforementioned circular driveway – and was dropping of a kid. So this driver saved his or her child maybe 15 feet of walking by nearly killing my child and totaling both cars.

And I thought that the hospital employees who tried to drum up business by the way they drove through the student part of the shared parking garage at UNM were dangerous.

No Part 2 to Electric Work (yet)

Before embarking on either of the other electrical projects, I decided to tackle the new gas grill that arrived yesterday – for free thanks to robot_grrl‘s credit card points. We also worked on like to get her driver’s license and the registrations for both cars updated – we succeeded in, maybe, getting her license changed. In the process we discovered we couldn’t locate her registration. On top of that we thought we needed to be down in Claremont Mesa at 2:30 for a meeting (which turned out to be at 1:00).

So, I started on the grill, later than I realized. After just a few of the 15 assembly steps, I was getting hungry and it was noon. So we headed off to get gas, lunch and visit AAA on the way to my meeting and the not-coincidently adjacent Mysterious Galaxy birthday party.

Gas wasn’t too bad – except for the crowd at one of the few gas stations still under $3.00 around here. But we got a car was which added time. Then we grabbed lunch and headed for AAA. I managed to mix up Saber Springs Parkway (where the AAA office is) and Scrips-Poway Parkway, so we took the wrong exit and had to double back. But we got the vehicle stuff straight and headed out to my meeting.

As it turned out there was some confusion and the meeting, that I arrived at about 2:30 for, had started at 1:00. But I was able to get caught up while the rest of the family visited with friends and did other stuff at the party – including patronizing the sponsoring/celebrating business. After the meeting broke up, we made a brief pass through Games Empire and headed home.

Once home I finished assembling the grill, and ate dinner.

We’ll see if I get to the electrical work tomorrow after church and lunch, or not.

House Wiring – Part 1

This morning’s goal is to look into the three electrical weirdnesses in our house: the ungrounded outlet in my office, the lack of a switched outlet (but a switch) in The Kid’s bedroom and see if I can make the master/slave switches for the sconse lights into a proper set of two-way switches.

First up, the office outlet.

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Moderate Unpacking Victory

After a month of living in this house, we finally have our full entertainment center set back up.

It took a bit longer than in the past because of the accident during the move. In that process we lost one of the cross-brace pieces and the screws for both of them. Some of the shelves also got their brackets bent and knocked loose.

So, yesterday I managed to get replacement screws but could not find screen door turnbuckles to replace the cross-brace. However, we finally decided to trust that the drawer unit would provide enough cross-support for that pier and assembled the rest of the unit.

Once assembled, we were able to, mostly, unpack and assemble the entertainment system – more fully than we had in Oceanside. However, because we’re still on a temporary TV (I’m hoping the budget will cover curtains and TVs in the next week or so) this is a temporary setup.

{Once we get a new TV I’ll have to do some serious adjustment in the electronic plumbing since the receiver that currently does the switching doesn’t do HDMI so the TV will have to switch much of the video signal and the receiver will just handle the SD video switching. But that is down the road at least a bit.}

But, for now things seem a bit more settled.

Free Comic Book Day Worked…

for the Play it Again Sports next door to the comic shop.

Yesterday, and again this morning, I got reminders that today was free comic book day. So, while we were running some other errands, we ran down to the nearest participating shop in Mira Mesa (or perhaps Scripps Ranch). After looking around and picking up our free comics, The Kid noticed that the Play it Again Sports had bikes out front.

So we took a quick look and identified one that looked about the right size and in good shape. So we went inside and had them take it from the cable locking the bikes down. It was the right size, and is probably as good or better of a bike than mine – except for the fact that is has a 20″ frame, making it The Kid’s size. The guy selling it to us said it probably retailed for over $250.00, so at $100.00 we got it for less than half price (and less than a lot of fairly cheap looking new bikes).

Because we had robot_grrl‘s car – a Nissian Cube – there wasn’t room to bring it home. So in a few days I’ll have to run down there and pick it up in my car.

Now I’ll have to get my bike down and try riding up and down the hills here so that I can work with getting The Kid used to shifting a 21 speed bike. I also have to make sure he learns how to use hand brakes – his previous bikes had coaster bikes.

I’ve also got to find the bike lock, or get some new ones, so that the bikes can be locked up.