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I Think I was Insane in My Dreams Last Night

At some point last night, I dreamt that my family and I were at Worldcon… in some small town either in Iowa or downstate Illinois.  A little insane so far, but I also dreamt that at the same time the Olympic Games were in the same small town.

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An Idea

This morning while my mind was running on idle in the shower, I was struck with an idea, that I am going to share.

A Disclaimer: I have no plans to start to implement this idea.  But if anyone else chooses to, they are free to use it, and blame me if they wish.  I might even help.

The idea was generated when I realized that I haven’t heard of anyone bidding to run the Westercon in 2013.  Knowing that the 2011 Westercon is Westercon 64, and 2012 is Westercon 66, an idea for a bid was born: “Route 66 for 66.”

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Last Friday (October 15, 2010) I posted “This Morning’s Observations.”   In it I mentioned seeing two buses from The City and County of Honolulu, and mentioned that they had a system name of “The Ride.”  This morning, I noticed that I had remembered the system name wrong.  The bus transit system on Oahu is “The Bus.”

This Morning’s Observations

First, the car in front of me as I was turning into the school to drop The Kid off started 6AKE5 – which drew my eyes since it looked familiar.

Then, I saw a car with two political bumper stickers: an Obama/Biden sticker from 2008 and a sticker that reads “Another Democrat for Palin in 2012.” Sounds like a bit of a change of heart.

Finally, on I-15 this morning my bus passed two empty city buses in an unfamiliar paint job and a system name of “The Ride.”  As we got close I was able to notice that they claim to belong to The City and County of Honolulu – they are a bit far from home.

CONjecture 2010 Report

Last night around or after 8:30, I finally got home after CONjecture.  This morning I’ve slept in, decompressed a bit, and cleaned through a lot of my back internet reading, so I guess it is time for a report.

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