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The Last Two Days – My Adventure

Yesterday, I got up, ate, made sure The Kid was moving, got him to school, took the bus to work – all normal so far, but…

About an hour after I got to work – maybe less – I was down in the lab running some tests.  {In this case, running tests in the lab pretty much means running software tools and waiting for results, nothing strenuous.}  I started to get a pain near the middle of my chest.  “OK,” I thought, “this is probably just gastric distress, even if it isn’t quite where I’m used to getting it.”  So, I decided to wait  and see.

After about an hour, I hadn’t gotten much relief.  I’d also noticed some pain in my jaw, but I’ve had that off and on since I got my jaws expanded by some orthodontia in 1985.  But I decided it was better to place it safe than sorry.  So, I headed down to the employee health center.  By this point, I was also getting some migrane symptoms, so I took some Advil.  Since I figured if I was cleared by the Health Center, I might still go home due to the migrane, I did grab my backpack and (I think) shut my office door before catching the shuttle to where the health center was.

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It Must be August 27

Once again my facebook wall is full of birthday greetings – so it must be August 27.  Thank you all for the greetings and wishes – and I should extend wishes to Kevin Standlee who shares my birthday (or at least does most years).

I’ve had a pretty good day.  Tara and The Kid took me to Cheesecake Factory for lunch.  Other than, probably, being overcharged for The Kid’s lunch it was good.  We got our deserts to go, spent a bit of time at The Container Store then headed to the final regular Conjecture meeting.

Things are not too bad, but we’ve got a few concerns.  Biggest are the number of registrations (which is down from last year two weeks out) and the number of hotel room nights.  We have a couple of other rough patches, but I think we’ll get past those.  (I have to head out later for to work on one of these)

After that we headed home, ate our deserts.  I’ve got a few minutes of downtime before heading back out.  Except I’ve got stuff to do in the downtime.


Rest of Worldcon and Home Again

(Edited 2011-08-23 to fix the name of Vixy and Tony)

I ended my last trip/con report sometime on Friday evening.  Alas, the rest of the con is a bit of a blur…

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Trip + Worldcon So Far

I hope I don’t go on too long.  I’ve got a bit of a quiet break until hitting up parties later. (Going to parties is somewhat subject to what happens with the aura I’m seeing.  I did take my medicine quickly, so hopefully it will be a full arrest, and I won’t have to party with a migraine)

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