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Yesterday, I ended up on a skype conference related to Westercon 65.  It was fine when I was using the speakers and (I presume) the mic on my camera.  However, when I tried to switch to my USB headset – the audio was being broken up badly – not that different then when my voip line gets broken up by other traffic.

I’ve done some playing.  I can get good audio from the mac (iTunes for testing) at least plugged into a port on the body.  But nowhere have I been able to get good audio from skype.  The calls sound OK, but the return is broken up.  Which means I cannot use this headset from my computer to make conference calls without distrubing the rest of the family.

For now, I’ll just have to plug in regular headphones and rely on the camera’s mic (which I hope stays active when the camera isn’t active).

To the driver of the pale blue Mercedes on Bernardo Heights Parkway

I did not appreciate you trying to come into my lane when I was next to you in it.

Nor did I like it that you proceeded to drive for several blocks mostly in the bike lane. At least you turned before reaching the cyclist using the bike lane.

New/Old Toys

As has been pointed out by a number of people, HP has announced that it will soon be shipping a limited edition HP15C (clearly built on new parts since they report a 100x speed improvement).

Many people I know will be wanting to pluck down the $99.00 to get one.  I’d be thinking about it as well, except…

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