Monthly Archives: February 2012

Slightly More Extensive Trip Report

I’ve made some brief posts about this trip on Google+ and Facebook (same post, copied manually or automatically from one to the other), but this is a bit longer report.

Originally, the family had planed to go to Arizona this weekend largely to see Tara’s Grandmother who was still recovering from her hip fracture in December.  However, a couple of weeks ago, she developed an infection (the medical people seem to recognize the term Tara keeps using for the type, which sounds like “c-diff” to me), and she passed away last Sunday.  Since Tara’s parents are back in Illinois dealing with funeral arrangements, we had no reason to return to Arizona.  Last Sunday Tara found and we purchased the Southern California spring 2-day discount tickets to Disneyland, and made reservations to stay at the fairly newly refurbished Motel 6 in the Anaheim Resort area.

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